Smoking is addictive and causes cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases. Smoking impacts smokers as well as those around them. There is absolutely no safe level of smoking. can deliver nicotine but not the maximum amount of, as quickly. Swapping to these cleaner sources of nicotine or with them to wean yourself off nicotine entirely… Read More

Hard copies of Quitline's publications (such as The Quit Booklet) can be purchased free of charge from the Health Ed website Go through the links below to go to the publication. I finally quit smoking after picking it up my school years. I commenced getting really bad headaches & being lightheaded. I contracted an higher respiratory infection and t… Read More

The 24-year-old farmer had been smoking since he was 18 but the coughing fit gave him motivation to quit cigarettes forever. Ways to be good to yourself differs for everyone. Go after new ways of satisfying yourself the same manner you pursued your cravings. You are learning new thinking habits that will be helpful in the others you will ever have.… Read More

As soon as you've quit smoking, take the time to freshen up your home. Rinse your clothes, steam the furniture and clean the carpet. The smell of tobacco smoke, even when stale, can be considered a trigger for your urges, so ensuring that you won't be smelling it constantly increases your chances of success. A more nice environment will also make i… Read More